Copy editing

Copy editing is when a final draft is edited to make sure that the finished manuscript aligns with all relevant style guides and is both consistent and impeccably error-free. I don't do copy editing by itself, but if this is all you need, I congratulate you on nearing the end of the writing process and I will happily refer you to a great copy editor.

Line editing

Line editing takes a late-stage draft that expresses your ideas fully and accurately to a finished piece that expresses them clearly, elegantly, and characteristically. A line edit intervenes at the level of the sentence and the paragraph, enhancing the sound and flow of the writing and rendering the argument lucid and persuasive.

Development Editing

Development editing helps you strengthen the fundamental architecture of your writing—its voice, organization, or ideas. It's valuable for an early but mostly complete draft that needs no foundational alteration. 

What stage is your project at?

Contact me with a description of your manuscript including what kind of editing it needs, its subject, and its length, and I'll give you a quote. If your project isn't ready for a development edit yet, never fear! I work on the conceptual stages too.