Thought Leadership: Campaigns That Convert



what's a thought leadership campaign?

Need help making your mark on a crowded field? Know your idea is a winner but having trouble articulating it in the way that cuts through the noise? Dimly aware that other people are thinking about similar kinds of things but having a hard time getting hooked into the conversation? 

That's where I come in. 

A thought leadership campaign is about building a platform for your ideas, brand, and projects. It works by foregrounding your ideas, connecting them to and differentiating them from existing conversations, and making your public presence a vibrant value proposition (the kind that makes casual readers hit the follow button). A well-planned, well-executed thought leadership campaign builds your platform and your credibility, establishing you as an expert, growing your platform, and bringing new opportunities your way without you having to chase them. My rigorous academic training and editorial background make me an ideal fit for thinkers, makers, and doers who believe in their ideas and want help developing, stress-testing, and communicating them effectively and compellingly in ways that actually move the needle


So how does it work?

My work makes your ideas as sharp as they can possibly be, articulating their unique value propositions in ways that feel like you—and then it finds your audience. Working closely with you and offering workflow management and process support, I hone your voice and organize your ideas into content that turns readers into followers. Then I design a cohesive, data-driven, and platform-optimized strategy to deliver that content to the readers it needs (and who need it!). I'll do an audit of your current content and social media situation, take stock of your assets, and build you a path to success. 

For this kind of work, I custom-build monthly retainer packages that offer workflow management, process support, and ongoing social media work oriented to your needs and your budget. I also offer strategy consultations without ongoing retainer work.

I'm fluent in a broad variety of CMS and social distribution platforms including Squarespace, Wordpress, HubSpot, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Drip, Canva, & MailChimp, and ready to get up to speed on whatever you use.

Retainer packages can also include services like image sourcing and creation, newsletters, copywriting, personal branding, and research. Pricing depends on the type and quantity of content you want to be producing and the amount of hands-on social work you want, so get in touch to let me know what you need and we'll talk about what I can do for you.