Who i am and what I do

I provide a broad range of editorial, writing, and project management services to help you communicate clearly, elegantly, and effectively. I'm a former book editor at W.W. Norton & Co., a doctoral candidate in English at Princeton, a lecturer in English and composition at Lehman College, and a writer. In short, I'm an expert in crafting and communicating ideas. I'm an incisive tuner-up of sentences and ideas, a vivid and stylish writer, a grammatical and syntactical perfectionist. When we work together, you get my whole brain—its creativity AND its analytical ability—in your corner. 

I excel at identifying the key aspects of your voice and your message to achieve your goals. My clients' goals vary: they include (but aren't limited to!) getting hired, getting published, getting their work to its finished state, building a powerful brand, and establishing an effective web and social media presence. 

My unique blend of academic, editorial, and writing experience helps me synthesize your expertise into something that's clear and compelling to your audience. I cut through confusion, vagueness, and jargon. I eliminate errors with laser-like precision. I'm great at nailing your voice, tweaking your message, and making sure that your ideas and your story take center stage. 


Who I'm not and What I don't do

I don't do window dressing. I believe that good work is the cornerstone of an effective message, and my job is to give you the ability to communicate your idea, your story, and your expertise to the fullest. That means I'm not here to just work some SEO magic on your copy, buy you some followers, and call it a day. Neither am I here to deliver style that conceals a lack of substance. Instead, I'll dive in and get my hands dirty, working with you on the level of mechanics and ideas. I'm interested in helping you tell a compelling story that's true to you and your work, that expresses your ideas clearly and persuasively.

For my money, a big part of effective persuasion is actually being right, and that's the goal towards which I always work. I'll ask you challenging questions, help you articulate the parts of your ideas that you don't even know you've had yet, and offer you the feedback you need to take your ideas and message to the next level. What I work on won't just look better—it'll be better. No fluff, no spin, no alternative facts, no bullshit.