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Who I Am & What I Do

I'm a former book editor at W.W. Norton & Co., a doctoral candidate in English at Princeton, a lecturer in English and composition at Lehman College, and a writer. In short, I'm a textual expert. I work with ideas and their expression both, and I bring research chops and communications savvy to boot.

As a consultant and independent contractor, I bring that breadth and depth of academic, editorial, and textual expertise to  your corner. I work closely with your ideas to hone your message, articulate it in a way that sounds like you, and connect it with its audience. I work with clients to pursue goals that include getting hired, getting published, building a powerful brand, and establishing an effective platform. I'm interested in helping you tell a compelling story that's true to you and your work, that expresses your ideas clearly and persuasively, and that nails your voice.

I provide a broad range of writing, editorial, and communications services. Keep on scrolling to read more about them (after this word of warning!).


Who I'm Not & What I Don't Do

I don't do window dressing. I'm not here to just work some SEO magic on your copy, buy you some followers, and call it a day. I don't believe in style that conceals a lack of substance.

I believe that better ideas do better, and I'm a pro at both making ideas better and communicating their value in ways that are clear and compelling. I'll ask the challenging questions, give in-depth feedback, and help you articulate the parts of your idea that you don't even know you've had yet. What I work on won't just look better—it'll be better. No fluff, no spin, no alternative facts, no bullshit.

Luckily, my sticklerism dovetails not only with the values of my ideal clients (they’re the thinkers, makers, and doers who believe passionately in their ideas and want them to be absolutely as good as they can be) but also with organic growth approaches. Organic growth is the only kind that builds for the long term and keeps you one step ahead of the algorithm game. This is the kind of growth that builds real relationships with your audience and your market. It stands the test of time, and it shows up on the bottom line.


thought leadership that works

I specialize in thought leadership campaigns that convert, offering packages that include content creation, editing, management, distribution, strategy, and social media support. If you're looking to stake your claim, scale your business model, grow your audience, and build your personal brand, read on.

Social Media Services

I design and execute social media strategies for individuals, companies, and brands who value substance in addition to style. I focus on organic growth and engagement, bringing creativity, analytical flexibility, impeccable editorial judgment, and a knack for an engaging brand voice to the project of establishing your social presence and connecting your message and your audience. Contact me to tell me more about your social media needs!



services for scholars

Scholars have specific textual and professional needs. I speak the language. I'm a skilled academic interlocutor with a deep editorial background, qualified to work on academic ideas and manuscripts. I'm also here to work on the kinds of para-academic writing that can bedevil the busy purist, and on establishing your platform as part of staking out space in, and for, your area of expertise. I love working with scholars and offer rates that reflect university budgets.