Hi. I’m Mollie. Welcome to my internet website.

I'm a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at Princeton, and an adjunct lecturer cross-appointed in the Department of English and the Freshman Year Initiative at Lehman College. My research focuses on twentieth-century literature (mostly the modern novel in Britain and America) and literary culture.


My dissertation, (currently) titled The Case of the Self-Conscious Detective Novel: Detection, Metafiction, and the Terms of Literary Value In and Around Transatlantic Modernism, is about detective fiction and the story it tells about the modernist literary moment’s renegotiation of the meanings, uses, and possibilities of art. In it I make the argument that looking closely at forms of stylistic self-consciousness (metatext, intertext, reference and allusion, etc.) in a particular subset of modernist detective fiction makes visible an active negotiation of the border between literature and genre, art and entertainment. That makes visible a collision between sociological and ideological forces that reshapes what art is, means, does, and can do in a society in ways with which we are still living in very material ways. In forthcoming work, I will also argue that those renegotiated terms are deeply enmeshed with the institution of the academy, and with contemporary socioaesthetics and epistemics in ways that might go some way towards explaining things as varied as: postmodernism, tech utopianism, the humanities crisis, and fake news.

My research interests beyond the sphere of the dissertation include the twentieth century novel in Britain and America, sociology of literature, critical theory, feminist and queer literatures, intellectual history, and the history of the academy/critical university studies.

On this site you can also find information about my teaching and my consulting work.