Hi. I’m Mollie. Welcome to my internet website.


I'm a doctoral candidate in English at Princeton, and an adjunct lecturer at Lehman College. My research focuses on twentieth-century literature (mostly the modern novel in Britain and America) and literary culture. My dissertation is about detective fiction, its relationships with more elite kinds of modernist fiction and with its own genre status, and the ways it participates in the construction of aesthetic hierarchies in what I think is a pivotal moment in the history of aesthetic hierarchies. The questions that motivate this project, and my work more generally, are about the roles that aesthetics and particularly literary aesthetics play in who we are—to ourselves, to other people, and to the world. 

I also write outside the academic sphere. Because I'm interested in the way that ideas and lived experience interact with and influence each other, my non-academic writing, like my teaching, feels less like a sideline and more like just another way I tackle some central knot of inquiry.